Microwave Buying Guide

Regardless of whether you want to cook, hurry to pull supper together, or live on warmed espresso and solidified pizza, a microwave has turned into a kitchen basic. Defrosting and warming are normal uses, however, a portion of our tried microwaves don’t do either extremely well.


The Best Microwave Oven for Your Kitchen

At Consumer Reports we purchase each microwave we test. Our Ratings incorporate average sized and extensive ledge microwaves, over-the-extend microwaves, and a couple of inherent models that smoothly coordinate into their environment.

Our tests discovered enormous contrasts in general execution. To test warming we warm up pureed potatoes, and we utilize solidified ground hamburger to test defrosting. We additionally test the speed of warming, commotion, and convenience. We measure usable limit as well—makers frequently incorporate space you can’t utilize. What’s more, we test how well the over-the-go models vent.

Locate the Best Microwave for Your Kitchen

We test, assess, and look at the most recent microwaves so you locate the best an incentive for your cash.

What to Consider

Financial plan

Ledge microwaves typically cost not as much as alternate sorts, and medium-sized models begin around $70. Over-the-go microwaves, or OTRs, can be had for under $200, however most we tried are $400 and up. Models outlined just to be incorporated with cabinetry or a divider start at $400, yet units are accessible for some ledge models that give you an implicit for less.

Space and Location

Consider where the microwave works best for you and accessible space. Ledge models clearly gobble up counter space. For instance, the top of the line medium size model is 22 inches wide and 17 inches down. The best extensive microwave we tried is 24 inches wide and 20 inches down. You’ll need to factor in tallness also. Measurements can be found on the model page for each microwave.


Ledge models are the most prevalent. Over-the-extend models are only that, they’re introduced over the range. The inherent class incorporates models composed just to be implicit, encompassed by cabinetry or incorporated within the divider. Microwave drawers fall in this gathering and can be set under the ledge or underneath a divider broiler. And afterward, there are some ledge models that can be changed over to constructed ins with a pack.

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Which Type is Right for You?

Contingent upon your kitchen, you can look over ledge, over-the-go, and worked in microwaves. Note that the extent of the unit doesn’t generally mean usable cooking space. Our examination demonstrates that usable limit with respect to tried microwaves is around 50 percent of what makers guarantee. We measure the measure of room you can really utilize. More watts commonly mean all the more cooking power, yet contrasts of 100 watts or so don’t make a difference much. Watts are noted in the Features and Specs tab in our microwave Ratings. Costs, usable limit, and watts exhibited underneath depend on our tried models.

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